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Letter sent on Sep 14, 2017

We’re Curious — Do You Want To Travel?

Traveling. It’s always been such an important message of the Post-Grad Survival Guide. This week’s newsletter largely focuses on stories that inspire and urge readers to take a leap. Here they are:

5 Tips For Anyone Doing A Gap Year by Charlie Jefford

Is Teaching ESL Abroad A Legit ‘Career?’ by Nicole Cooper

I Will Never Actually Find Myself, It’s That Simple by Tom Kuegler (Me :)

Creativity. While we love helping people find jobs and careers, we also like to inspire young people to branch outside their comfort zones into a side-hustle or full-fledged entrepreneurial venture. Here are a couple must-read stories:

Why I Started An Online Tutoring Company by Scott Asai

Boxes Are Too Small For People by Ana Guerra

Finding A Job. I pray these stories get you one step closer to landing your dream job, and the life you’ve always wanted.

Want More Job Security? Do This One Thing by Lori Bumgarner, M.Ed.

This Tool Will Help You Absolutely Crush LinkedIn by Tom Kuegler

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I hope you have a great weekend ahead as always.

Tom Kuegler

Editor of the Post-Grad Survival Guide

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