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We’re giving $20 away (here’s how to win it)

Hey everyone!

It’s Tom Kuegler, founder of the Post-Grad Survival Guide. Long time no talk, right?

I’ll explain my absence later.

Right now, we are giving away two $20 Amazon gift cards. How do you win it? Just fill out this 8 question survey.

Stephen and I are working on a way to help this Post-Grad Survival Guide community more. We really just need help figuring out what problems you’re struggling with most.

Is it finding work? Is it budgeting? Is it investing? Adulting?

We want to bring in experts to answer your questions, create a podcast, and possibly create a paid course with hours upon hours of insightful content.

We just want to make sure we understand YOU first. Hence the survey. Take it right here for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card (or I could Paypal you $20). We’re giving away two of them!

Exciting Times Are Ahead For This Publication

There’s a lot of exciting things happening with the Post-Grad Survival Guide right now. Since August of last year, we’ve tightened up our writing guidelines, published higher quality stories, and tripled our monthly views.

We are excited to see this new content resonating with folks, and Stephen and I have begun to ponder one question..

What’s next?

We’re thinking about a podcast. We’re thinking about a paid community. If you haven’t noticed, we have a new email course that’s free to enroll in.

We want to develop the Post-Grad Survival Guide not just on Medium, but outside of it to reach more people.

That’s where our head is at now.

Where Have I Been?

Well, the answer is I’ve been right here all along. I read every story we publish here. I bet our writers may have noticed — I clap for them all.

I’ve held monthly calls with Stephen, my business partner and Co-Editor, as well. The truth is, he’s doing such a great job that I hardly have to speak to you all. I can just read and enjoy the great content we’re publishing.

But in the background, I’ve been working hard to expand this publication. You don’t see it because we don’t want to announce anything before it this case, though, we’re ready to lift the curtain.

This publication has been a big part of my life since October of 2016 when I started it. Back then I was the only person writing in it. Now we have some of the best writers on Medium sending us quality submissions every single week.

I couldn’t be happier and I’m thrilled to know Stephen and I have helped folks in their post-grad journey — even if it is only a little encouragement every now and then. That’s worth it to us.

Thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget to take our survey. It’s super short and will be the easiest $20 you’ve ever (potentially) earned.

Tom Kuegler

Founder + Co-Editor of the Post-Grad Survival Guide



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