What Is It Really Like Moving From a Big Company to a Start-Up?

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Photo: Austin Chan/Unsplash

1. It’s extraordinarily fast-paced; even faster than you probably think it is

2. You need to be mentally and physically fit

3. People might be wary that you will be too “corporate” and damage the culture

4. You have the freedom to innovate and this may sometimes mean you fail

5. You learn a lot, and I mean, A LOT

6. Have a strategy but keep it agile and keep an open mind

7. It can sometimes be difficult to get colleagues to focus

8. Time becomes a vortex and your personal relationships may suffer

9. You need to be passionate and really believe in the company

10. Hiring the wrong people can be costly

11. Know where every penny goes, and justify it

12. Perfection is your enemy but lowering your standards doesn’t mean poor quality results

The Mini Post-Grad Survival Guide

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Head of Communications at tech start-up, 2030 Group. She writes about tech innovation, environmental solutions, entrepreneurs, communications & leadership.

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