What to do When Everything Goes Wrong

Your options are simple: you give up, or you try again.

On Monday, May 27th, I launched my personal blog. After nine months of hard work — building a website, writing about sixty articles in advance, creating freebies, and so on — I was expecting the launch to be successful. I imagined readers and comments, and at least thirty subscribers on the first day.

What I didn’t expect was for a friend to send me a screenshot of one of my opt-ins and tell me that she wasn’t able to subscribe.

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought as I noticed that others were struggling too. Alright, I thought. I just have to fix it. So, I went onto my email provider, and after looking around for about an hour, pressing buttons and what not, I concluded with a groan that I wouldn’t be able to solve the issue myself, so I contacted the company.

Today is June 2nd, and we haven’t fixed the issue. I’ve talked to the provider back and forth, and they’ve been kind and patient, but we can’t fix the mess yet. That was problem number one. Problem number two is the biggest problem — so huge, in fact, that it’s impossible to have any more issues with my blog.

We accidentally deleted my website.

Yes, you read that right. We completely erased the entire thing. Months of hard work (from my dad, who built the website) disappeared because of one small mistake. My edited articles were at home there, and now they’re gone too. While I do have backups, the final edited versions were on there. I’m stuck with crappy first drafts of articles.

Things obviously did not go as planned. They went in a direction I hadn’t even imagined. So, what do I do now?

What do you do when everything goes wrong?

Well, there’s only one thing you can do. Okay, two things.

First, you let that spark of anger turn into a full forest fire. Don’t shy away from it. Feel it completely. Just for a moment, think of everything that went wrong and all you lost. Then, take a breath and calm down. Once the anger has been tamed back into that spark (because let’s be real — it won’t be fully extinguished), focus on what you need to do to make things better.

The second thing you do — and this is the critical step — is try again.

You might be rolling your eyes because that’s an obvious answer… but is it? How many people do you know or have you heard of that had something crappy happen to them — their business fell apart, an error made them lose all their subscribers, their websites were erased or hacked — so they chose to give up? They’re so angry that they decide they’re going to quit and move on because their plans went wrong. There are a lot of people who do this.

I understand it’s infuriating when things go the complete opposite way you wanted them to, but it happened. It doesn’t matter how furious you get. The past is the past, and you can’t go back to fix it. The only moments you have access to are right now and the ones that are coming your way.

“You only lose when you stop trying.”

However, while you might not be able to travel back in time a few hours or days, you can look forward and do something about it.

Your options are simple: you give up, or you try again.

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

I’m going to try again. Yes, I’m angry, but I’m also more determined than ever to get the blog relaunched. I’m also a bit embarrassed because I hyped it up on Instagram before the launch, and now I have to tell everyone that the website doesn’t exist. I’m going to have to go through the entire launch again. It’s annoying, and it’s exasperating, but what can you do?

About what happened? Nothing. About what’s going to happen? Everything.

My website’s gone from the face of Earth, but it isn’t the end of the world. It’s not a sign from the Universe that I shouldn’t blog anymore. It was a simple mistake we could’ve avoided, and now I have to make up for that mistake. I don’t want to quit, so trying again is the only choice I have.

When something goes wrong for you, I urge you not to give up. I get that you’re angry and maybe even a little sad, but it is what it is. You messed up; someone ruined things; shit happened.

Never stop trying. Your miracle will come in undefined moments.”
Lailah GiftyAkita

No matter what happened, you can’t give up. Stand up. Rebuild. Try again.

I write honest personal development articles for people who are tired of unrealistic self-help.

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