What To Do When Life Just Doesn’t Go The Way It Should

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Ever been on a shitshow of a trip?

Ever found yourself being hated by the people you went with at the end?

Ever wonder where to go from there?

If this has happened to you, then I got good news for you: It’s happened to me, too. You’re not alone. And I quote-on-quote make my living as a digital nomad so I should be a quote-on-quote expert in all this.

Yes, I realize the “quote-on-quote’s” aren’t needed.

Tip #1: The human body just wasn’t meant to travel 4,500 miles in 14 days.

It’s just barely physically possible.

That’s where we went wrong. And we did it by car.

We went to Washington D.C. as friends.

We went to Boston as best buds.

We went to New York City feeling ourselves.

We went to Chicago semi-tired.

We went to Denver hating life.

Then we got out to Disneyland absolutely hating each other.

We got a citation in Utah.

We spent entire 6-hour car rides not saying a word to each other.

We lost a lot of money in Vegas.

By the end of it all I didn’t even get a hug goodbye.

Now I’m left wondering if we’re ever going to be friends again. I did wrong, but they did a lot of wrong, too.

In Denver I saw a quote on one of their square drink coasters that got me thinking. It said,

“Today’s problems make for tomorrow’s stories.”

Or something like that.

It reminded me that even in the midst of all the chaos and 14-hour driving days, it would make for a good story later.

We were learning things about LIFE.

About relationships with other PEOPLE.

Yeah, we might hate each other by the end of it and in all honesty fail to rebuild our friendship, but at least we’re downing bucket-fulls of life experiences right now.

I think that’s what my companions didn’t understand in the moment.

They hadn’t really traveled before.

In a weird way I like running into problems on the road. The citation in Utah sucked, but it’s now nothing but a story to me. I survived.

Yeah, I got sick in Chicago with 3,000 more miles of driving left.

It sucked.

But it’s kind of like that time when Don Draper decided to open the door to the balcony and sit out in the cold for a moment.

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Yeah, that’s the one.

Embrace the fuck out of that shit.

It’s making you stronger.

Tip #2: When life doesn’t go the way it should, we should Don Draper the hell out of it.

Life isn’t all roses, people. Instead of sit there and complain about it, why not just embrace it? You’re in it already! You can’t do anything about it!

Especially when you have a solid week left with people you’re pretty sure have begun to hate you.

Grow through this.

Enter the dark abyss with a damn smile on your face. You’re going to come out the other side enlightened about something.

A lot of people don’t get to do that every day, week, or even month.

I think we don’t give enough credit to life experiences.

We’re too busy chasing money, a good time, or a relationship.

What about a good old-fashioned bucket of metaphorical ice water getting dumped down our neck?

It sucks in the moment, but by the time we dry off we got a damn good story about what it feels like to take 200 ice cubes to the face.

Feel me?

I know you do.

So be encouraged.

I’m not saying this time doesn’t suck.

I’m just saying sometimes we gotta take those lemons, squeeze the shit out of them, pour a nice glug of sugar in the glass, and mix it all up to make something GOOD.

Tip #3: Make the damn lemonade.

I hope you can learn to do that.

Tip #4: Download the damn Post-Grad Survival Guide Magazine for more honest tips on life, careers, and starting your own business.

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