Where To Begin Your Solo Travel Journey

Do you have the itch to go travelling? But don’t know where to begin?

A couple of years ago there was something dominating my mind. I had never travelled solo before and I needed to know what it felt like to be truly free. So, in March 2016 I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

I know that some people right now feel just like I did two years ago. Some may already be planning their journey, but don’t know where to begin.

In my opinion, these are the top 5 locations to start your journey.


If you are looking for sunny weather, beaches, cities, temples and great food then Thailand is a great place to start.

However, the main reason you should start in Thailand is because EVERYONE starts in Thailand. Bangkok airport if full of solo travellers who have no idea what they are doing. Point being, when you arrive in Thailand everyone is in the same boat as you (sometimes literally when you’re island hopping).


This is an easy one, especially if you are from the southern hemisphere. Holidaymakers from Australia already venture here regularly so the Indonesian island is catered for travelling around. Rent yourself a scooter and go nuts!

There are beaches, parties, volcanoes and if you’re looking for some culture head to the town of Ubud (my favourite place in Bali).

And when you’re feeling more adventurous catch a boat to the Gili islands for some relaxation or Lombok for some larger volcano treks. The monkeys will be happy to welcome you (and steal your shoes!).

New Zealand

If your idea of travelling is more for the adventure, activities and the most beautiful scenery in the world, then head to New Zealand.

I recommend buying/renting a car (big enough to sleep in) and driving around the north and South Island yourself. This may sound crazy at first, but it is a best way to get off the beaten track and experience travelling in its purest form.

Again, most people travelling to New Zealand are doing the same thing, so you will be among many like minded people.


Yes, Viet F****** Nam! Not only does this offer many similar features to Thailand (plus amazing coffee), it is also extremely simple to travel through. It’s a long country where you can go north to south / south to north with ease. There is also a sleeper train that covers most of the ground.

Vietnam was also by far my favourite place in South East Asia. I highly recommend you save time for Hoi An city in Central Vietnam. If I could live in Asia, it would probably be here.

Your native country

If your nervous about travelling to a foreign country on your own, then test yourself in your own country (or one close by). So many people are looking to escape when they forget that they have forgotten to explore their own backyard!

If you live the United States, then explore outside of your own state. If you are from Europe, then make the most out of the open borders. For example, if you live in Germany hop over to Holland or Belgium. Sometimes just small steps on your own will help you to take those giant steps when the countries are further away and more unfamiliar.

And, talk to people who have travelled already, especially if they have the same interests as you. They may know you well enough to recommend the perfect starting location.

So, what do you think? Are these locations that you agree with? Do you have anything else in mind? Leave a comment below and let me know where you recommend or if you have any questions on how to begin your journey!