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Why Millennials Should Feel Proud

Tired of being shamed as a Millennial? Here’s some facts that’ll back up our awesomeness.

Millennial Professionals

Traditions are meant to be challenged by the young. At over 80 million strong, there’s no shock that Millennials are changing the status-quo— including work life. Professional Millennials approach the work place with unique standards and principles.

Office managers are accustomed to sticking to the facts and avoiding anything that resembles emotion to maintain professionalism. Managers are learning that their younger employees will not carry their work load successfully if their emotional labors are ignored or belittle.

Cue the collective eye roll when yet another Millennial is caught up in their feelings, right?

According to the author of The Managed Heart by Alie Hochschild, emotional labor is the active burden of managing one’s own emotions in the workplace. Extreme emotional labor can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.

Millennials were taught the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills in their formative years. When utilized correctly it encourages innovation, creativity, and teamwork. Millennials have hopes to honestly express themselves and share their views and concerns without harsh dismissal from their coworkers and higher ups. Great managers have realized this importance and have focused their attentions to potential emotional stressors in their workplace that could harm their employee’s performance.

Millennial Freedom

Some of us just can’t even when it comes to dismissive bosses and petty office drama. So the next best thing is working remote and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is full of risks and lacks structure and stability but it makes up for that in freedom and schedule autonomy. Older generations have already learned that their stable jobs couldn’t always be a strong passion for them. Millennials are often labeled as unrealistic and entitled because they want a profession that keeps them happy and sane.

Which explains why 64% of Millennials would rather take $40,000 a year job they feel passionate about over a $100,000 a year job that feels insignificant. (Inc.)

Millennials are determined to have their cake and eat it too.

A 2016 study concluded that not only do young people have a distinct ambition for start-up companies, we’re also switching things up with socially responsible investments that will create a positive impact on our planet and economy for the future. The average age of older generations that launched their first business is 35 years old while the average of Millennials is 27 years old. (BNP Paribas Global)

Although it may cause some anxiety attacks, there’s no denying the “American Dream” is being refined by Millennials. More than a quarter (27%) of Millennials are already self-employed. We’re tired of being told what’s not possible and realistic. We want to be our own bosses so we can lead with purpose and feel proud of our accomplishments.

Photo by yoav hornung on Unsplash

Millennial’s Social Responsibilities

Our generation is not only the largest, but also the most diverse, educated, and connected generation than any before. Millennials are considered the vital component to bridging the gap between the baby boomers and younger generations in order to lead the nation to a more accepting future.

81% of millennials have donated money, objects, or volunteer time to causes they care about.

A recent survey by Morgan Stanley found that Millennials were twice as likely as other generations to invest in a portfolio or individual companies that seek to have positive environmental or social impacts.

Despite certain people of power claiming climate change is all a lie, Millennials are taking initiative in mending our wounded planet by raising awareness via organizations, protest/rallies, and campaigns. President Trump is even receiving push back from his young Republican constituents.

“We’re seeing our generation not waiting for permission to be invited to the table, but taking initiative in representing the communities that we live in,” Omar, the first Somali-American Muslim to be elected to U.S. office, said.

When it comes to the government’s duty to protect key aspects of our planet, 60 percent of Republican Millennials versus 34 percent of older Republican believes they are doing too little towards improvements. Climate organizations like with a large support base among younger people are determined to put everything they can into protecting our earth and slowing down our planet’s decline.

Millennial Meme Culture

Beside our well-known love for saving money by using UberPool and AirBnb, we also use social media for networking and sharing societal truths. For example, memes and reaction GIFs has flooded all forms of social networks. The popularity of memes is not surprising because it caters to our need for relatability. I have a huge folder of memes but I still struggled to effectively explain my obsession until reading Jay Owen’s post. He describes memes as a social bonding mechanism that reveals personal and communal truths.

In consuming these memes — in liking and sharing — the social media user is participating in a moment of commonality. They’re saying, “I am like this too.” These memes are predicated on a recognition of common human similarities.

Memes are not always there for a quick laugh. They’re also a collective discussion on what’s not being addressed by the masses ; generation political correctnesss, the trend of “Staying Woke”, and accepting no excuses for being ignorant of what’s happening in different parts of the world. We no longer allow society to comfortably dwell within a bubble, unconcerned by the injustices others endure.

Through various forms of media Millennials are sharing perspectives, injustices, self-criticism, and hope for the future. No other generation has ever been able to stay in constant communication around the world with such ease.

As the most educated and ethnically diverse generation to date, we’re able to use memes, blogs, vlogs, documentaries etc. to fully express the effects society has on our everyday existence. Good or bad, it doesn’t mater, young people now have less barriers to voice their views. This has created a world of culture awareness and deeper consideration to elements that directly affects others around us.

Healthiest Generation Ever?

Millennials strive to be healthy considering the food industry’s popular hormonal injections and pesticide produce. Thanks to the abundance of free information on what our bodies demand in order to be healthy we’re encouraged unprecedented changes. The emergence of fitness gurus, life coaches, and health conscious cooks saturating social media has earned us the title of Healthiest Generation ever.

Fitspo Instagram

It feels like the huge awareness of vegan and gluten free lifestyles suddenly popped up on everyone’s radar overnight. My 95 year old granny still has no clue what either of those terms mean. This is no surprise considering that studies confirm that Millennials eat 52% more vegetables than older generations.

Thanks to Millennials people are taking advantage of healthier alternatives to what they consume and it’s created a ton of business in the process. Instagram is saturated with professional photos of healthy “food porn” and workout programs created by popular fitness personalities cashing in on this health revolution. This new trend of living our “best lives” has created new jobs and a positive community where women can learn how to properly gain those booty muscles or how to professionally meal prep.

Millennials Value Sleep

It was clearly expressed the best by Post Malone when he tatted “Always Tired” on his face that sleep is an absolute must. Getting a full night’s rest is not always so easy for a young rapper that gained fame overnight, but for the rest of us ordinary folks, we make it happen. Whether that means hiding in a locked bedroom during a house party, or lying about being sick simply to sleep in peace — we take full advantage of sleep opportunities.

As the most stressed out generation to date, we have to be mindful of not just our physical health but also our mental and emotional stability. With the constant anxiety of finals, affording graduate school, finding a decent job, paying off student loan debt, moving, marriage, starting a family there’s no wonder this generation is reporting mental illness at a higher rate.

A survey published by the American Psychiatry Association found that three-quarters of millennials felt somewhat or extremely anxious about paying their bills.

Compared to previous generations, Millennials are more open and compassionate when it comes to discussing mental illness. There are tons of support groups and communities online and IRL. Not to mention the insane popularity of mediation and yoga classes that helps people slow down, breathe, and take in everything with a calmer perspective.

The list of the great things Millennials are attributing to society could go on for days honestly. If you’re a young person aiming to live your best life and someone spats the word Millennial at you like it’s a curse, forward all this positivity and facts their way :).

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