Will Your Friendships Actually Last After College?

I’m 23, two years out of college, and I’m about to go see some old college buddies this weekend.

Based on this information you might think I’m succeeding at the whole “staying friends after college” thing. However I left something out:

I haven’t seen my friends in two years.

Look, life after college is a free-for-all. People take jobs in other cities, they move back home, or they stay near the college because internships turned into jobs.

When I graduated in 2015, I wondered if this was the last time I’d see my friends. My mind was on Florida, and quite frankly I had no intention of coming back to Messiah College anytime soon.

But here I am.

The dynamic changes, for sure. It’s like switching up your event from a sprint to a marathon, but you get used to it.

To me, this is due to one thing.

When we’re young, we can live a little more freely, but finances take the wheel after college and we have to make decisions based on money, not people.

This is natural.

I don’t know about people older than me, but so far I’ve managed to keep in touch with my friends.

How about you? Do you still speak with your friends from college?

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