Yes, Journaling Can Make You More Productive

I’ve been journaling for more than two years now. Telling people you’re a chronic journalist as a male is a little embarrassing, but I’ve seen so many benefits from doing it every day.

First of all, it puts everything in perspective for you.

So many things happen to us during our day, and we never get the time to reflect on them unless we make time to. If you journal every day, I guarantee you’ll be more in touch with where you want to go and where you’re at right now.

Too many times we do things without questioning it. Journaling turns us into scientists in a way, or engineers trying to solve a problem. If we journal, we get to hold ourselves accountable and talk about the things we’re doing, whether they’re working, and how we can get better.

If we’re more in touch with what we’re doing, and what’s working, we’ll in turn be much more productive towards whatever goal we want to accomplish.

The logic works out, right?

So do this: Go to the store and buy yourself a composition notebook — better yet, just journal here on Medium! Try to do it every day for a week, and then get back to me about whether you feel more clear about your goals and progress.

Clarity breeds productivity.

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