You Couldn’t Pay Me To Work A ‘Real Job,’ But I’m Not Everybody

I swear I have a phobia of offices. It’s probably because of my extreme introversion and my distaste for “being professional.” What does that even mean, anyway?

But I’m not everybody.

There’s probably a ton of people out there that love working in an office, climbing the corporate ladder, and having some semblance of order in their lives. And guess what? I totally roll with your preferences if you’re this way.

I think I bash the 9–5 a little too much in my writing. I’ve never had a “real job” in my life, but then again what is a real job? I purposely mislead you in the title, and I’m not sorry. You need to hear this.

A “real job” isn’t a 9–5 with benefits and a good salary, it’s a job that you love doing. And hell, if your office job is something you love doing, then I’ll support you and anyone else along the way.

I’m not here to force my lifestyle on you. In the end we’re all looking for happiness, each doing our small part to keep this world turning every day — whether you’re working on the beach, at home, or in an office.

So please, throw away all these ideas of what a “real job” is. You’re not caught in some sort of trap in you have an office job, you’re only caught in a trap if you don’t enjoy your work.

If you’re a little intrigued by working wherever you want, you can download my free ebook, “You Work Where?” below. That’s a nice little introduction to my lifestlye. Thanks for reading!