You Need This Resume Tool In Your Life Immediately

A couple weeks ago I had an interview with a company called Jobscan to be a content creator.

To be honest, I kind of dusted off the opportunity because I had so much on my plate at the time. I didn’t research the company, I didn’t send thank-you’s after the interview (blasphemous, I know), and when they asked me if I actually used their resume-boosting tool, I had to tell them no.

I mean, I had Huffington Post on my resume and I literally employ myself as a writer, how could I possibly need a tool to help me write my resume?

Well, I’m here to tell you all that I was overwhelmingly wrong.

I know that because I’ve tried it, and I think you should try it, too.

In a sentence, Jobscan compares your resume against a job description. The idea is that resumes including certain keywords relative to the description do better than those without.

Cementing this assumption is the fact that 90 percent of the best companies use robots to analyze resumes instead of regular people, and these robots are looking for very specific words, everybody.

So, after looking at their website, I begrudgingly copied my resume into the box, and copied a job description from Buzzfeed into the other.

Side Note: I would love a job at Buzzfeed someday, but since they have no remote openings, I knew full well going in that this was an experiment only.

So, off I went. Here’s the number I saw 2 seconds later.

“What? 25 percent match rate?”

I could throw a lot of excuses up there, but the only one that I can come up with is that my resume just wasn’t fit for that job description. Let’s look into it a little further.

Jobscan’s Features

The Numbers Game

So Jobscan looks at a lot of different criteria besides just keywords. They also take a look at word count, words to avoid, and whether you put measurable results into your resume. I was severely lacking in the latter category.

Hard Skills Analysis

In my resume I mentioned nothing regarding reporting, editing, or social media at all, making my resume essentially useless to the robots scouring the market at Buzzfeed. FAIL.

Again, I wouldn’t have known that without this tool.

Soft Skills

At this point I should really just stop showing the world how terrible my resume was for this description, but I’m going to keep going because this isn’t the first time I’ve been embarrassed in front of the internet.

I know I can work independently, I know I’m accountable, and I know I’m hella curious. If I could put a few of those terms in my resume, I’d have improved my chances with the Buzzfeed robots significantly.

Other Keywords

Well, in this section I did a little bit better. But still, I have a long way to go.

In Summary, Jobscan takes a look at your:

  • Resume word count
  • Hard Skill matches
  • Soft Skill matches
  • Measurable results
  • Other keywords to look out for

That seems like a pretty comprehensive analysis, don’t you think?

And when 90 percent of major companies are using robots to intially vet resumes, YOU’RE PROBABLY GOING TO NEED SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN YOUR BACK POCKET.

So go over to their site and give it a try. A free account allows you to make five match rate comparisons per month, but if you’re a job seeker who’s constantly looking for work, you might need a monthly plan.

The good news is you can try it out free for a month and see how you like it. You’ll get unlimited comparisons, live scoring, and a couple ebooks and resume templates to try out.

If you’re getting more bites and interviews over that time then you might want to keep it rolling with a paid plan.

I wish you the best of luck, and happy hunting!

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