You Need To Live A Life That Few People Can Envision

I have a confession. I don’t care in the least about any of the opinions of the people in my hometown.

That’s because everywhere I look I see nothing but the same.

A commitment to staying in the same places and doing the same things. Everybody from high school basically stayed here. They live in Baltimore. They dress in suits and act like social media puppets for their employers and chase commissions for ten hours a day.

When I came back after my road trip I felt a little more enlightened than before. Granted I haven’t yet gone to a third world country or anything to REALLY get enlightened, but I think when you spend extended periods of time outside your hometown, it does nothing but good for you.

And that’s the problem with the people here.

All they ever talk about is their beach house in Ocean City (which is a shitty beach, by the way) and their season tickets (okay, those are fine) and their new cars. It’s a game to see who’s the best. And I get it, you can find that pretty much anywhere, but for some reason it’s bugging the hell out of me.

I wonder when anyone is actually going to change! The older I get the worse those around me have become. More arrogant. More self-obsessed.

But one thing does remain the same: They all stay around here.

It’s a poison. Life is so much more than our hometowns. So much more than Ocean City beach houses and season tickets. So much more than crabs and living in the nicest parts of the city.

We need to drastically change our ambitions.

It’s not about houses and cars and chasing commissions.

It’s about becoming a better damn person.

It’s about improving ourselves every year and doing good for other people…without expectations of anything in return!

It’s about traveling, experiencing new cultures, and realizing there’s life outside our zip codes.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in who and what’s around us that we forget life can be so much more.

Last summer I met a girl from the Philippines and she changed my life. She told me how they don’t have showers in her country and the homeless don’t have any clothes and how you can buy tall bottles of whiskey for $1.

There’s power outages and noise and tough living conditions. She came to America and felt so lucky. And she’s the sweetest person you could ever meet.

That’s the kind of world I’m talking about.

A world full of people like her who don’t care about beach houses and cars, but other human beings and simple things like reliable electricity.

There’s a wide world out there that seems invisible to the people who live here. And they’re good people, don’t get me wrong, but they’re a little pre-occupied with what’s directly in front of them.

And I’m not saying I’m perfect, either.

Life can be so much more than what you see on your friend’s Instagram. Don’t let the ambitions of mediocre people become your own. Reach for better ones. You’ll only go as far as the ones you surround yourself with.

You’ll become the people you hang out.

If those are folks obsessed with beach houses and proving they make more money than everyone else, you’ll become that, too.

Reach for something better.

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