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Letter sent on Aug 30

You Overwhelmed? That’s Good. Here’s Why

Moving from a small town to college is overwhelming. Graduating from college and hitting the real world is overwhelming.

We’re inundated with new experiences, sights, and people. It can be quite scary. My friend from The Philippines, Princess, has some advice for you.

Gone Into A New Level

She knows how to stay true to yourself while in the midst of chaos. Read her words. I know she’ll help you, too.

By the way, what the heck is business casual anyway? How do you speak to the CEO of the company you work for on your first day? What exactly is this thing we call a career? Rachel Krauss knows. Read her hilarious memoir below:

One Year Later And Still Deciphering Business Casual

But seriously, you need to be a surf board. You heard me. Stop looking at me like that. It’s a metaphor, okay? Just read what Lori Bumgarner has to say.

How to Pursue Your Passions — Be the Surf Board!

And now for my first ever self-promotional article on the PGSG newsletter, here’s one I published exactly one year ago on The Huffington Post. I still feel these words today.

This Wonderful Thing Called Our Twenties

3 People You Should Follow On Medium

Now for everybody’s favorite segment, here’s 3 people you need to follow on Medium!

Michelle Okafor — Entrepreneur, writer, and positive thinker.

Favorite post: You are (already) successful

Shaun Black — Entrepreneur, Founder of Koha, writer at The Ascent.

Favorite post: How I Learned More Losing $1 Million Than Making $10 Million

Mosab Alkhteb — Writer, Founder of WorthyInside.com.

Favorite post: 5 Ways To Destroy Your Self-Esteem (And Your Emotional Health)

Your Magazine Is Coming Next Week

Guys! I’m finished your magazine. It is a hefty 65 pages and includes 5 massive spreads with career experts, entrepreneurs, and life coaches.

It is a tool to help you navigate your life right now, and I hope everyone reading this downloads the crap out of it. You deserve this information, and it could very well change your life.

Believe me, I’ve read it! ;)

Until next time, survivors.

Tom Kuegler

Editor of the Post-Grad Survival Guide

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