The Law of Consistency

  • How many times have we heard that “consistency is key”, “practice makes perfect”, etc, etc, etc…? Well, in short, all those hold true, but why do we need consistency? They say that the only constant thing in life is change. So how and why do we need consistency to thrive in the postgrad wasteland if everything around us is heading towards entropy anyways? The answer lies within the core tenet of growth. It is thru the constant drive for intentional and proactive growth do we ever actually see it occur.


  • Right when I graduated in June and moved back home, I was terrified of the idea of waking up and having nothing to do. Trust me. Doing absolutely nothing is just as bad as doing way too much. I quickly set up a relatively sustainable schedule: Wake Up, Eat, Gym, Eat, Library, Eat, League, Sleep. From M-F, I tried to stick as close as I could to this schedule. It was due to this daily routine that eased my transition back to home life. Without it, I would have been doomed!
  • The keys for a successful schedule comes down to 3 things. It has to be achievable. It has to be semi-flexible. It has to be goal-oriented.
  • Achievability is key due to the fact that habit > motivation. When we first tried that paleo diet, how long did we last? A couple days? Due to fact that we had just followed the Rock on IG, we were riding on the short-lived high of motivation and inspiration. Motivation is fleeting. It bumps you up for a few days and then you feel bad and unmotivated when you miss a workout day or “accidentally” binge at McDonalds. It’s all about building habits. Our brain loves doing the “usual”. So let’s start doing something small and healthy, and make some good habits to replace the old nasty ones. Slowly and surely, the healthy routine and habits we set up for ourselves will be autopilot.
  • Having a flexible schedule is key. During this postgrad transition, there will be a bunch of new opportunities heading your way. If you’re bound to a strict schedule, some of these opportunities may fly right over your head!

Marathon Mentality:

  • Welcome to the postgrad life-stage boys and girl! Hunker down and get cozy because till we get married or settle down permanently, this is where we’ll be staying. Go on Facebook right now. Scroll down for 5 seconds. I guarantee that one of your postcollege friends are posting about that Nike Women’s Marathon or a 5K they just ran. This is the 5K of life baby! You wouldn’t blast out of the gates with everything. This life-stage should be done methodically and be paced out. So enjoy the run. Take time to look at all the sights along the road. Take the water from the volunteers around you from time to time. And make sure you remember where the finish line is and what you’re trying to achieve. Take my hand, let’s go!
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