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Submission Guidelines for New Writers

How to become a writer, and what to write for us.

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So you want to become a writer for The Postcard? We’re happy to have you!

The goal of this publication is to publish great stories that are interesting, inspiring, and/or helpful. If you want to contribute those kinds of stories, keep reading.

What We Publish

We publish ‘How-To’ articles, travel listicles, tips and tricks, stories about unique or interesting travel experiences, lessons learned from traveling, and most other things you can probably think to write about on the subject of travel and languages.

This is how we categorize our stories:

  1. Budget Travel — anything related to saving money, getting deals, or getting by on very little.
  2. Adventuring — the wildest, most daring travel experiences.
  3. Expat Life — stories about what it’s like to move and live permanently in another country.
  4. Languages — all about foreign languages and language learning.
  5. Digital Nomads — stories about the experience of working remotely abroad.
  6. Lessons From Abroad — mistakes made and how to avoid them when going out into the world.
  7. COVID-19 Travel — what it’s like to travel (or not) during the pandemic.

What We Reject

  1. Fiction
  2. Poetry
  3. Short-form

NOTE: We value diverse perspectives and voices, and we do not tolerate discriminatory language. Writing that disrespects cultures will not be published.

Writing Guidelines

Quality is key. We recommend all writers familiarize themselves with Medium’s Distribution Standards to learn the best way to ensure your writing is of a high enough quality to reach audiences.

If English is not your first language, we strongly recommend using a grammar and spellcheck tool like Grammarly — it’s free and can be immensely helpful even to seasoned professional writers.

There should also be a flow and organization to your writing that makes it easy to understand. Writing that is highly repetitive, rambling, or that has no clear take away will almost never be accepted.

One of the most helpful pieces of writing advice that has stood the test of time is to read your story aloud once you think you’re finished. Even better if you can read it aloud to another person. Hearing repetition or inconsistencies is often easier than spotting them in text.

Here’s some more useful writing advice:


All stories must have a cover image, and it should be a copyright-free image from a site like Pexels or Unsplash. If you are a travel photographer, you are free to include your own imagery as well. However, edits may be made to ensure the quality is consistent with the rest of the publication.


We allow single-line CTAs at the end of stories with links to either your website/blog, another one of your stories, or a newsletter sign-up. Any more than that will be edited or omitted.

How To Get Added as a Writer

Just leave a comment on this post stating “I read the guidelines and want to be a writer.” Easy, right?

Submitting Stories

We accept drafts and recently self-published stories from within the last month. Once you are added as a writer and have a completed draft, here’s what you do.

You are encouraged to submit stories through the Medium Partner Program so that you can earn money for your writing.



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