Are we in the middle of a new Cold War?

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What to read this week ?

Politics :
With all the (ludicrous) talk of a “new Cold War” (Go home WaPo, you’re drunk), it might be time to brush up on your legislative knowledge, as a 2012 law is central to this specific conversation. The Magnitsky Act, explained.

Profile :
Some of them didn’t expect to be here, to face any consequences. Their plan was suicide. Now they’re very vulnerable. Everybody’s human. You pull the levers.” Do you long for a real-life, non-sexualised, highly educated Wonder Woman? Meet Zainab Ahmad. She has spent more hours with Al Qaeda members and other terrorists than any other American prosecutor.
I bet she too would enjoy this World Economic Forum’s article on terrorists’ spiritual contradictions.

Health :
Your money or your life? In the US, neither. Surprising absolutely no one this side of the Atlantic, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Americans Die Younger Despite Spending the Most on Health Care. Given the current discussions on Capitol Hill, it might get worse before it gets better. Bummer.
Philosophy :
For the more philosophically inclined, Prof. Paul Russel wrote a fascinating essay on the differences between the Old and the New Left, and Why Religious Identities Are Not Immune From Robust Criticism.
Speaking of religion, know that exorcisms are on the rise in France. And it’s not even Halloween yet.

Social Media :
I briefly spoke last week about my love for the movie Gattaca, and for Sci-Fi in general. Another fan-favourite is on the menu today, as Minority Report is on it’s way to becoming reality : statistics proves Twitter a powerful tool in forecasting crime. Expect a dashing Tom Cruise to burst through your window any day now.

Tech :
One article stood out last week. It’s both a fascinating and heartbreaking look at whether Smartphones Destroyed a Generation. The graph below should give you a good idea of the answer. Loneliness can destroy both our bodies and brains, and as depression and suicide becomes more widespread among teenagers, it is important to help parents identify symptoms. This is the aim ofthe Zero Suicide movement.

Kittens :
As you know, no mandatory reading on Sunday. Only a kitten Gif.


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