Is Instagram Ruining Food?

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What To Read This Week?

Food :
Somebody tell the Boston Globe’s food critic to chill out. Instagram is not ruining food, it’s just changing some norms. Or should I bring up how your newspaper JUST released an article on How to take better food photos for Instagram? What the app IS however doing is pushing restaurants to be more colorful, and might even someday be able to hand you a recipe for your troubles.

Social Media :
Speaking of social media and its impact… 
a) An Algorithm Trained on Emoji Knows When You’re Being Sarcastic on Twitter. Do yourself a favour and try said algorithm.
b) Brief exposure to a Facebook-related image can cause a pleasurable response in frequent social media users, which in turn might trigger social media cravings
c) Instagram photos can be examined by a computer to successfully detect depressed people. Seriously. Look it up.

Health :
Do you love cupcakes? Then read this story about the struggles of living in a society that pretends to care about health as opposed to size. You only have to look at (plus-size) fashion to see the argument is as hollow as my bank account. 
No real connection to cupcakes, I just needed your attention. 
Philosophy :
Last year, Andrew Sullivan published an essay titled “I Used To Be a Human being”, which explored the way technology rendered the mere idea of the human soul irrelevant. It is always worth re-reading. Our brains are not computers, and should not be used as one. Get over it.

AI :
Lately it seems AI is all over the news and, increasingly, our homes. We are promised it will change healthcare, farming, education… But beware: as God (supposedly) made us in his image, so are we making AI in ours. And it’s not pretty.

Religion :
Speaking of the Big Guy… why are “hype-priests” a thing? Is church a brand now? Feel free to share your answers with the rest of the class. I am told a new religion is impossible to create, so hopefully the trend won’t catch on.

Kittens :
Congrats on making it through. Have a kitten Gif.


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