An Honest Prayer

Image: Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

It’s me.
You know,
Of course —
You do.

You sent me
Here. Much like
Someone else
You know.
Much like
Many others…
All the same;
Same issues
Same dreams —
Same everything.

Some do well
While others…
Only a few
Do well.
Only a few…

I call to you
To share that —
I hate you.
You send us here,
Instructions not included,
To do what?
We don’t know.

There’s a plan!
It’s a discovery! —
Some say.
But —
They’re wandering
In the fog of bullshit
Like the rest of us
And those before us.
These blind, dumb believers
Are just better pretenders.

You think this is funny
Don’t you?
Sure you do.
Sure you do…
You’re a child
With a magnifying glass;
We are…
Just ants.

Some mimic you,
Or they say they do,
But they don’t know you;
No one really knows
It’s up to interpretation;
Mostly based on fighting.
But, you like that —
Don’t you?
Ants fighting, biting
Other Ants.

You just like to watch
Don’t you?
Don’t you?!
Sure you do.
You are are God
And we are just…

When you later hit the reset button,
I’d like to just suggest one thing:
An instructions manual —
You asshole.

The poem was written because I am angry with what I see; past, present, and damn well sure on the future — suffering is everywhere. It is mainstream in our way of being. We are not animals but we still treat one another like we are. And, I just can not fucking stand it.


— Source —

Al, Q. A. (2018, May 6). Black Rotary Dial Phone on White Surface [Photograph]. Unsplash.




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