Are We Not Our Own

TW: abortion

Photo by Derek French on Pexels

And to think that the world is getting to a point

Where landmark decisions are on the chopping block

Feels like the cloche is (always there), ominously

Staring the death stare at Betsy Ross’ brainchild

Like a crow to (dead) meat.




Meat we are (chewed and all),

If we decide one day (to pull the plug)

If we decide one day (to put ourselves first)

If we decide one day (to bring closure to

The brutal violence of a man only out for a female to fuck).

Control is their greatest fear (but is our greatest strength).

No way in the US of A are we gonna forget the

Day that our bodies were reclaimed as property

For someone to let their private parts in rent free

(And steal our autonomy).

For someone to further the production of children

We didn’t (want to) have out of forced abuse.

For someone to get (like minded) people pregnant

On the idea of delegitimizing vaginas, one at a time


Are we not our own (womxn)?

Are we not our own (mxn)?

Are we not our own (human rights)?

Are we not our own (human wrongs)?

We are post Roe for generations to come, wading in the water

As slow as children without floaties drowning fast deaths.

(What’s left of) their life starts at conception (without any right to choose).

Ends at not being able to choose (a battle now theirs to always lose).






(Like) mother?

(Like) son?

(Like) mother?

(Like) daughter?

Control is their greatest fear (but life without control is even greater).

And surely, life without a clinic to save her from carrying a child born out of abuse

Will cause her to resent governmental use of her to further production,

(Be a baby making) machine that never dies

Unless she decides one day to pull the plug.







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