At Your Colostomy

Patient With Abdominal Stitches Tatooed With Expectations

Things undigested, rejected
Lie and accumulate
Grieving undoes grief undoes face
Staring back in reflection
Endlessly in space

’Til one day there’s this split inside
From which a person cannot hide
A feeling of life’s letting go
Seems imminent and preferable
To the Show

Doctors caution “do not go there”
Family says “don’t leave us now”
An ego rules the when and how
But an authentic beating
Still has meaning to the brow

Some say some day
It will reverse
Lucky me no failure unrehearsed
With impudence and impotence
By threat it will return

Experience, strength and hope between
The causal roots of sights unseen
And ambivalence, impotence and despair
In polarity doth repeat from thinnest air

So in I go
To die again
So surgeons grow
Knives wrought to step in
With Gratitude my only weapon



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Richard Volaar

Richard Volaar

I've won a couple of minor awards, my second being a speech I wrote for the VFW about why I care about America. It won and I made 25 bucks. Now I'm in IT.