Bar Fly

Neon sign; broken into two segments, side by side. White neon color spelling out Do Something Great
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

A fly
On the wall
Here I am.
Watching the room
A room —
Full of drinkers
Losing their heads
Their minds.
Each pound back,
Another brain lost.

After another
After another
And another.

These two orbs
See all around
In all directions
Through each person.

The Drinkers,
Sitting around,
Believing they can
Drink away their issues
Their problems…
But —
Those problems
Are only getting worse
With each pound back.

Sweaty, salty cheeks
Wet pits and smelly crotches
Their soppy assess are stuck in place
— and I’m considered disgusting?

I! fulfill a necessary role
While they! are held
In place
Unwilling to change
To bring about change.
While I! —
I bring about change.
I do not shirk my life’s duties.
Removing the old
I! bring new life.
They — they just

Glossy eyes, reflecting in the lights;
Sweaty, greasy, …nasty bodies.
Weak; they’re weak.
They are —
Fragile! fragile beings.

Each mind fried by
A new round.
Heads filled with drink and
Confused by their idiot boxes
They are lost…
But I can fly

Few of my kind watch
As I do — but I do, watch.
Seeing those below as they
Truly are.
Always hoping to forget
Who they are.

They lead themselves
To their deaths
And, I will be there
Transforming them into something
When once they were worth nothing.

From the labor of my family
We will redeem these violators of life.
We will make them worth something
Since they weren’t worth anything
During their previous life.

If I can convey one point to the reader from this poem it is this:

All of us will die one day. Before you reach your time, waste little by attempting to escape the experience; instead, reach for your fullest potential.


— Sources —

Tibbs, C. T. (2017, September 7). Do Something Great Neon Sign [Photograph]. Unsplash.



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