Beautiful Symmetry [poem]

Liam Back
The Power of Poetry
2 min readOct 3, 2022


We gave up our age, and vouched our space.
Unveiled our curtain of uncharted deeds.
Wearing our nurturing hearts upon our sleeves,
yet still they plead.

Philanthropic darts, of stolen empathy.
A bull’s eye start, across the whole nine yards?
When really their proposal
was nothing but a house of god damn cards.
Lurked within the cracks of theater, drama and charades.

Unplugged from a heap of rust and broken seal’s.
Long left a routine, a forbidden liaison
gone head over heels.

As Above, so below, through Mountains galore.
Utopian thoughts — oh so raw.
Heavily detached and too cold to judge,
why do we seek for luxury and warmth,
as soon as there is comfort — no more.

Ashamed to say, it’s hard to breathe.
Those simple words;
Is it safe to chase a long lost dream?
Substantial guard, just a reason to feel free.

All it takes is for someone to be in the wrong place
at the wrong time for another animus
to be put in full jeopardy.
So again. May I ask my genius,
will the wold ever safer be?

It must. It absolutly must. I dare to see

Transformation happens to us all. Every day.
If not at least once a week.
So why do we hold on to old treasures
and outdated beliefs?

A burden of luggage. Here, go ahead,
carry my weight just as we speak.
I was but far from home as i learnt to let go,
my belongings don’t belong to simplicity.

The naked truth in all of its glory.
My lungs, My nucleus, my Arteries.

We are all made of the same body of matter,
that holds up to beautiful symmetry.

I ask no more of my creative path,
my identity or my rivalry.

Because now I see.

Everything i need, already exists inside of me.

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