Cradle Lined with Black Sheets

A little girl who is looking out just below the metal blinds through little space in the closed window beyond. Her fingers are placed upon the ledge and her eyes peer out just above that ledge.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Within this cradle
I am tucked in
Corner to corner,
Edge to edge.
From my choked neck
To my restrained feet —
I am held in place,
This place.

Held down,
Forced down…
But —
I can be
Still free.
In my mind,
I can not be held down.

Through my open eyes
I can still see and feed
My mind.
See a world, a wonder
Still alive
This stationary prison.

While held down
In this cradle
Lined with black sheets
My mind
Still free
Makes plans
The eventual escape
This place.

The Why:

Life is tough; life is restrictive. All of us wade through monotonous cycles of menial bullshit.

However, there is an out. Keeping our minds sharp through discipline and active engagement, we can make our eventual escape. Into the distance; to a new place that is full of the challenges we seek and need; available to everyone. A new place, away from this restrictive servitude.

— MT


Though usually I do not share what engaged my motivation for a piece, I felt that this motivation was too important not to share with all of you. The poem Cradle Lined With Black Sheets plowed into me after seeing this image by Jermeyville titled: EscapeLifesCubicle provided below.

Illustration of a simple cartoonish man in a chair, stored in a cubicle-like-jail with one wall having jail bars for a window; but, there is no closed walls to leave behind this character. This cubicle-jail has written forms all around like Forgotten Dreams, Limits, Issues, Doubts, and Fears. The motivation is to say: Don’t live a fake life; you’ll just be voluntarily trapped.
Illustration by JermeyVille

Ironically enough, when I saw this image for the first time I was in my office cubicle; much the same structure as this image portrays. Seeing this illustration, my first thought was, “This is the Universe instructing me to get out before I never leave.” Since that day, I have been stepping back further and further away from my trapped box; working to trade in the fake identity of this suit-and-tie culture for my true identity as a Beat Bohemian.


McCutcheon, S. M. (2020, March 17). Girl in Blue Shirt Looking at the window [Photograph]. Unsplash.

Jeremyville Corner Store — Escape Life’s Cubicle. (n.d.). JermeyVille.



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