Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash


In the darkness of night
When I close my eyes
As my eyelids are light
And my heart is in freight
I try to sleep and see the light
The shining from within my mind’s plight
My demons wake up and capture my night
They are vicious in their voices and play mind games in their vice
One says, “you are doomed”.
The other, “ you are worthless”.
They continue one after another…
You are hated and disliked
My eyes fill with tears
As my mind seeks guidance.
I recite my prayers and
Ask for assistance from my Lord Almighty for my protection and resistance
From all the evil that prevails on the Earth and its like.
And the voices disappear magically
And I fall sleep peacefully at night



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I love poetry. I write about love, nature, women, mental health, education and anything that intrigues me. I am an educator and a lifelong learner.