Each Time I Come

the image is of the blue Caribbean ocean with cresting white tipped waves in the foreground and the lighter blue sky in the background.
Waves. Image captured by author, Ilis Trudie Palmer

Each time I come
it’s to rekindle the dreams
of you and I before
you were you and I, I;

The smell of the land
the feel of your hand,
ignites a passion inside me
as treacherous as the waters through which I arrive;

Even though the signs are quite clear
the cataract is there, covering a hymen that never quite opened,
to the joys to be had
with each splitting of bud revealing
the most beautiful bloom of orgasmic delight;

As screams ring the mountains
dipping to the deep valleys,
pinging off the euphoria of my entrance, I shudder at the sheer power of it all,
energy strong enough to make dry rain fall;
washing me softly in our heat and my wetness,
tears of joy, tears of acceptance;

May I, one day believe that it’s no longer a dream,
that the waves of elation from erupting orgasms
were just what was required
for manifestation.



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