Evolving with time


Digital art by author @arn-story Anu Nandakumar

Seasons change

People change

Awareness change

Happiness change

Tolerance change

Attitude change

Adaptation change

Environment change

Perception change

Analysis change

Perspective change

Interests change

Age changes people

Money changes people

Exposure changes people

Compassion changes people

People change people

Maturity changes people

Emotions change people

With all these changes,

the outer capsule grows

and diminishes as One along!

But the inside soul, remains intact

It’s nature stays as it is!

Have a wonderful productive week ahead ♥️ ☺️


Anu ❤️ ☺️☺️

Share corner

Found two stories to be very interesting for the share corner this week!

The first one on emotionally mature relationships, where there is open communication between the couple and mutual respect along with love.

Secondly, Revanth’s note on soft skills, especially listening and communication was an interesting read. Please check it out!

Thanks for taking the time! Appreciate it 🙂



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Anu Nandakumar

All about us and our way of life. “Manasa vacha and Karmana” (our thoughts, spoken words and action) in sync are key to harmony. Good intention is good karma!