From the Ghost on the Moon

A Poem and Short Story

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

I’m sorry if it scares you when I

call, when

you’re home alone.

Sometimes I watch the stars, I

realize they really

aren’t that far.

I took my helmet off last week,

I don’t know how but I

could breathe.

The moondust sticks inside my lungs.

I wish that I could fly back home.

I don’t know just how long it’s been

since I first sat down and faced the end.

Next time it’s a full moon,

know that I’ll

make it smile for you.

And when the clouds cover

you up, I'll blow a kiss

across to break them up.

The city lights are glaring bright

against my glass, it’s

the saddest sight.

I can’t do this anymore.

I know I chose to stay, before, but

this time I’ll really say goodbye,

I'll hop on a comet passing by.



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