Going Analog

Poem about frustration with the digital world

NOTE: The image would not load so posting without one.

Going analog can’t take the world’s incessant dialogue
Snares, scares and purple dyed-hairs
Everybody seems the same on the streets, ghosts in digital sheets
Breath, death, half of ’em on meth
Look at me, look at me, look at me, Mommy!
Tiktoking, instagraming fully schlocking
In the next two seconds, who’ll be the more shocking?
Dearth of intellect, dearth of integrity
OMG, did you hear what she said?
LMFAO, rolling around clown on the ground
Get up, stand up, light another pipe
Smoke away your troubles, like crazy goons
IDK, maybe you should just Google it
True knowledge seems to have drowned
In a pool of digital toxicity and instant memes
Masks online worn also on the streets
Depth of soul and character, betrayed
An empty world full of worthless bytes



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John Gordon Sennett

John Gordon Sennett

Living in a War Zone. An unexpected twist in life.