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The Power of Poetry
1 min readMar 13, 2022


I’m the source of anything and everything there is to know

shattered by the neglect of simple minds

and solidified by the tender vigilance of tulip-perfumed hands

caressing my vessel

I would rather be jolting awake

out of this eternal waiting room

brought back to the scene

of what I’m about

before those pens were put to paper

I meet an octillion folks a day, yet,

no one seems to stick around

they’d rather hang out with my new-born friends

or my neighbours

of other essences

I dream to have all my aspects met, fully

of being held, truly seen, and taken into consideration

I do tend to worry about the digitalisation of linguistics

the decay of authenticity

I want human’s eyes to look at me

in curiosity

for maybe, just maybe

I’ve got something new to teach them

I’m kept awake by the memory of an 11 winters young girl

whose tears felt thick

and of profound ache

I would let myself be rewritten

for her sake

I’ve made others move

I’ve saved lives

I’ve put people to bed

and I’ve handed them knowledge

gathered between the lines

for my language makes me be a little human at heart

I will choose night-time to be my favourite time of day

human beings then create most art and shed most tears

and creation in itself

equals me



The Power of Poetry

I dream and I write, in no particular order.