I’ll Write About You One Day

Photo by John Wilson on Unsplash

I know I’ve made it when
The barista has my coffee ready before I’ve even finished ordering.
To be remembered can seem so small,
But to me it is everything.

A reminder of the way things used to be.

I want to know what it’s like to not wait by my phone on a Friday night.
To feel no fear,
Only comfort.
Knowing you’ll always come back to me.

Standing in an empty fountain
In downtown Chicago on a January night in 2018,
That was the first time I knew what it was like to be in love.
I was afraid, but I followed you anyway.

When you start to view people as
“Experiences for my memoir”
Then you know.

This is not how things used to be.



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Becky Curl

Becky Curl

Freelance Make-Up Artist & Teacher. Wig & Make-Up Designer. Freelance Writer. Coffee, dogs & pop-punk are my life. MFA student at Roosevelt University.