My always and forever, summer

Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash

Summer has ended in the blink of an eye

And I wonder why oh my

Have I been in a daze

Why have my days been in a haze

Where is my headspace at

Where are my dreams at

Why did I let it slip

And cut too deep

Why haven’t I been able to enjoy my sleep

Summer has ended

And washed away my sorrows

With the waves of September

Creating empty sand canvas

Where new stories want to be born

Where I no longer accept being told

What to do or who to be

How to act or please me

For I am no longer a pawn in your play

Nor am I a puppet for you to slay

For I am free of you and your poison

And I will no longer tolerate your noisome

Summer has come and gone

And I was too confused to hold it

I was too sad to embrace it

But the summer heat has taken with it my pain

Sending clouds of hope, better tomorrows, and lessons learned

Summer has helped me see

Where my happiness will be

It is not lurking in the shadows

Nor will it ever be

With people who hold up the sun

My happiness is forging its own path with the help of the willing few

Disregarding the dirt and their black hue

Summer has come and gone

And while I was not able to enjoy it

Nor did I fully live it,

Because I was busy surviving, as I was not thriving,

I allowed myself to let it teach me what I had to learn

As I yearn,

To become a better version of myself,

Always and forever.



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Chantal Jurdi

Chantal Jurdi


Freelance writer, self-improvement addict, & constant work in progress. I write about life lessons I learned the hard(or easy) way & everything that triggers me