Nobody Cares

A poem about feeling alone in this world

Abhishek Sainani
The Power of Poetry
1 min readMar 18


Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

When you pour your heart out.
They sip it slowly like fine wine.
Despite all their visible concern,
You are forced to say you’re fine.

When you express your forgone desires,
They splash it all around like champagne.
You refuse their offer to make it happen,
Because they can never feel your pain.

You work hard to earn a decent living,
But to survive heartbreak, no one prepares.
When emotional bankruptcy suddenly hits you,
You learn the hard way that nobody cares.

It is either work or play with other folks,
Every experience gulped like a tequila shot,
All is well, and everybody is a friend,
only till you do for them what they can not.

You sow the seeds for a meaningful relationship.
With time the bond matures like a single malt.
But a series of unfortunate events is all it takes,
to shatter the connection though nobody is at fault.

You work hard to be on your best behavior
But to survive loneliness, no one prepares.
When nobody answers your distress call,
You learn the hard way that nobody cares.

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Abhishek Sainani
The Power of Poetry

An aspiring writer who often juggles between his inner world, his dream world, and the real world. Writes poetry, humorous observations and opinion pieces.