Outside (Far: Part 3)

(Finished March 4, 2022)

I look out my window and in my eyes come broken sunrays

The night is slowly creeping in and to you, I can find no way

It’s a long way to love, I see

The distance between all that’s outside and what is inside me

Far I’ve been

I know, no excuses given

At least that I show, but who knows what’s hidden

They don’t know, and so may all go unforgiven

Deeper I sink within myself as I am bedridden

Where is it you go when woe is what you’re trapped in?

And so I stay stashed away as my heart unravels and my mind frays

All that is within me surrounds me, stopping me from living my days

All that is outside goes on in a haze

Amazing how one’s delusion can craze

Shriveled I am within, ashamed of how thought strays

How calm chaos ensues beneath a blank gaze

Far I’ve been

And so, how could I now come in

To what I’ve been outside of for all this time being

All have evolved as Earth has revolved but you are still sitting

In place, you are, state of mind not far from all that should‘ve had an ending

But here you are, teasing these old feelings again

I’d do anything to run to you in the light of these sunrays

But broken I am; waiting to crumble in the night is how I spend my days

Glass-eyed I see the world behind my window in such a daze

Glass is my heart as all is outside while one inside decays

It’s a long way to love, but it feels like I’m losing all ways

To come back to you, to come back to me, to come back to purer days

…feelings that just had to come out.




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Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Norhan Mahmoud Eassa

Just trying to grasp the universe and beyond.

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