Poem; Courage to Live

Designed by Author | Canva

I feel pain

Pain, that nothing seems to have worked so far

I feel lost

Lost, that I haven’t found any life direction

I feel trapped

Trapped, as my life caves inward questioning my very existence

Day in and day out I try everything

But it all boils down to the same story

I am battered by endless failures

Each day, a piece of me grows numb or die

Dragging myself to the fading light

Hoping the fading beacon could be the promised end of the tunnel

Every rejection seems like it is reflecting my value

My fingers are blistered from all those knocks

My legs sore from all those walks

My head aching from having to come up with something different

All the motivation has dried up from my willful mind

I yell out my dreams and the only thing I hear back is an echo

The only thing left is a toxic desolate mind

where ghosts scream of my worthlessness

Where no life spawn

The only whispers heard are those of death

Everything seems distant and scary

Poison scattered all over

Warnings and caution hoisted everywhere

Letting me know a single wrong step and I am a goner

Surprisingly, I still find myself moving on

Taking a step after a step

Unfazed by what has happened in the past

Unrestricted by the limitations of the present

Unintimidated by the uncertainties of the future

Every morning I am running into life’s battlefields

Lose or win I will still come back tomorrow

After walking a million miles, going back is no longer an option

Fighting for my life, my beliefs, values, and principles

Fighting for my people

Taking a stand as life roars past me



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Samson Writing

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