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To all of you poets, writers, and content creators who battle imposter syndrome like I do, this poem is for you.

Credit: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

You’re a stock image people found online

No credit provided, you’re literally exposed

They could reduce you to hundreds of pixels, your

Thoughts grainy, undetectable, yet still exposed?

They could download you only to delete you,

Your file type unsupported by their device, exposing

Your mental search queries rendered unsearchable

According to Google Drive, there’s always more to expose

You’re not of fair use to them; you’re the public domain

Anyone can use your name for their own expose

They treat you like a stock image from Unsplash

No credit provided, you’re literally exposed

Thank you for being you!

Avery Danae


This poem is also published on my Instagram page, @avedanaewrites, and was originally written as part of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Adult Poetry Workshop. A ghazal is a poem composed of at least five couplets (but no more than fifteen) that ends with a repeating word or variations of said word. In this case, expose, exposed, and exposing. The last couplet traditionally ends with a proper noun.

If you like reading poems like this, check out my most recent poem. It’s the last installment of my “Senioritis? I Think Not!” miniseries:



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