She Was Pretty

A poem to go by..

Credits — Max/Unsplash

She was prettier than the sun .

She was paler than the moon.

She was darker than the earth.

She was cooler than the ice.

She was hotter than the sun.

She was wiser than the fools, combined.

She was blessed by grace.

She had glitter and shine.

Worthy of the solitude, gazes of people wanting to be in her place.

Jealousy was a godly grace.

She was a distant soul of the lord who had played with his fate.

She was wiser than the purest souls.

She was naive when she was a child.

A bit older, she was truly blind.

Since mockery was no sin. Burning houses were no sin.

On the run were her kin.

She had seen her kin die one by one when the clock had struck one.

The time was not right,

When she was a child.

Had to fly.

She had died.

She lay dead in her grave;

Beautiful in a white gown like a newly bride.

With closed eyes and ivory skin.

She rests in her grave.

Yes, She was paler than the moon.

Brighter than the sun.

Wiser than you and me; combined.

Here, she sleeps like a sleeping beauty forever and ever.

Till she unites with her kin in her next life.


— Smita Sinha ©



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