Skeleton Bride Takes Pic of Groom In Mirror


I feel your breath upon my neck
You feel me kicking in your womb
The connection outlasts
The atomic blasts
Trapped safe within our tomb.

I felt his hand upon my welts
I saw her blood upon the wall
The sex at last
Has long since past
The Beatings of the Belts.

I see your face as I reflect
My wounds appear upon your face
The crushing of my mirror
Rings of the stonebrearer
Sending smoke aloud through empty space.

You hear me weep through snot and wail
I miss the man whom I knew not
The flower of Dostoevsky
The stench of Chmielewski
And you stirring in my pot.

Sweet release when it comes to bring me home
I long to hold you near
Recompense in forgiveness
And the unfinished business
Of hearing your sweet voice in my ear.



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Richard Volaar

Richard Volaar

I've won a couple of minor awards, my second being a speech I wrote for the VFW about why I care about America. It won and I made 25 bucks. Now I'm in IT.