Sunny Yard, Childcare

A poem.

Little girl seated on the ground looking up and grinning

How many times on a day such as this
have I closed my eyes to focus
on the invisible?
The better to feel the sun’s soothing hint of heat
through the chilly air,
the better to hear what there is to hear —
a gust making the trees sound like waves on a shore.

How many times? And each time
the same me opening my eyes again, still here,
grateful for the frisson of sunshine and cool wind.

It makes me laugh through my eyes looking at you
little one
too new to know
and with no reason to

that the nothing you came from
and the nothing to which you will return

is here right now
hidden by everything.



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David Dayton

See Here, you’ll find draft chapters of a memoir and poems I’ll select from to publish a book later this year.