Sup for Six

A sestina of the psyche at an archetypal table setting

Bearing straight and place set, Rich savored his role //
Dinner, indeed, was the crowning idea //
He deserved that dessert first, before the rest //
But his pie arrived behind, lifeless and dry
Seething an alpha-sized rage inside his brain
That threatened to unseat the ruling order

Jen never jarred against a pecking order //
She evenly served and empowered each role
As if it fed an interconnected brain //
Her menu, an all-inclusive idea
Assigned wine pairings with care, from sweet to dry
Catering to multi-buds’ tastes, paced by rest

Ray’s fabled way to progress ran best at rest
Sipping spoonfuls of truthful soup in order
To ply time with mindful findings they’d line dry //
A wink and a think to extoll the soul’s role
Plainly unveiling a pan-hailed idea
Whose sage-flavored vapor cleared haze in the brain

A doer’s muse terraformed Mark’s layered brain
Once but not again, for there’d ne’er be ‘nough rest
While more bore some explorable idea //
No map and no matter how tall the order
He’d disown phobia to play a grave role
Like mining fine dining sites left high and dry

Fay’s array of well-run spells revised the dry
Dialogue into nutrients for the brain
And boosted food into a mood-molding role //
Enchantment decanted, she gave it a rest
Letting them exalt in the salted order
Designed by a benign magic idea

Palm to tum, smile spreading at an idea
Rob guffawed at gaffes, slapstick and humor dry //
She played the fool to fool the upper order
Harnessing humor that buttered the vain brain
While biding time observing yearnings and rest //
Freedom to rib without rebuff drolled her role

The freshest idea plated in the brain
May emerge from the kitchen dry as the rest //
Dishes made to order serve a lasting role



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