The End of Us

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

Today could be the end of us if you wanted it to be.
I know I drink more coffee than you think is healthy,
And I know I’m not the One you dreamed about.
But just this once I was hoping you could make an exception.

I know my anxiety gets in the way of everything,
And my emotions are just as scattered as our communication.

I’ve been drinking the same cup of coffee for three hours now,
Ruminating over the best way to move forward
When all I want is to just sink further down.

I am panicking in my gynecologist’s office;
I am a child wishing I could just grow up.

I was supposed to do great things.

I am thirty.
And most days I feel like
I am nothing.



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Becky Curl

Becky Curl

Freelance Make-Up Artist & Teacher. Wig & Make-Up Designer. Freelance Writer. Coffee, dogs & pop-punk are my life. MFA student at Roosevelt University.