The Infernal Ego Disco

Burn that mutha down

Ego goes gaga
for attention through social
mentions a-go-go

Lo the lone noble
who’s whos whose non-wool-pulls are
no-bull vocal gold

“Pshaw!” they drawled, quaffing
tundra thaw coladas through
wanton logic straws

Pure self-reflection
blooms in deep pools of ‘I’ love
not narcissism

Spiral dynamics
describes the us we ours rise
from I me mine

Crowley’s rowdy crowd
donned Dawn togs as was their wont
to do what one willed

Our export customs
include idiocy and

Scholars shaved Freud’s mind
model of psyche’s portions
into an iceberg

Ego rides backwards
in the omega bogey
haunting the alpha



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Miles Seiden

A (com)passionate creative and consultant for visionary organizations. Here to help unify a divided humanity and restore planetary harmony.