This is the Child

Inspired by John 1:12 and Matthew 19:14

This the child that I once was
This is the child I, again, am trying to be
The man and the child, both of them are me
But I lost the good parts of the child along the way
He calls me now to come back to be him
Cast aside all the dirt and grime soiling my soul
Join him in the sands and dunes by the sea
Go as him, innocent, happy and joyfully free
Walk where we walked as boy and as man
Faded memories return, the bad ones cast out
The boy shines brightly, gets rid of shadow and doubt
He frees me from inside, the adult chains I have made
So one day I go as him…



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John Gordon Sennett

John Gordon Sennett

Living in a War Zone. An unexpected twist in life.