Vincent, Again

Heart On A Hook Held By Bloody Hand

I shed my ear
Because I had two
And was hoping one of mine might assist
But as near as I recall
It wasn’t helpful at all
And sent you shrieking into morning’s mist.

If I were a mantis with ocular gifts
I’d shed one of mine because I had two
But mantid I’m not
Two eyes are my lot
And my third eye confuses me with you.

So pray now I must
You’ve left me in dust
And Fall is your season to feast
I made my selection
Through error of reflection
Confusing insect for holier beast.

Please don’t despair
I know you don’t care
For caring is not what you do
Using all of my art
I gave you my heart
Seeing me the whole time and not you.



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Richard Volaar

Richard Volaar

I've won a couple of minor awards, my second being a speech I wrote for the VFW about why I care about America. It won and I made 25 bucks. Now I'm in IT.