Wrestling On A Rope Of Restraints

The tale of a hesitating Hibiscus bud.

he Hibiscus plant in my garden did appear very queer to me today because a bud of that plant didn’t blossom even at 10:30AM and this motivated me to write on how hesitancy in blossoming or making use of an opportunity hinders the best potential of everything in this universe-let it be a flower or a human. This is a verse in which a Hibiscus bud does not want to blossom owing to its smaller lifetime in comparison to a rose in the same garden. (The impact was duly seen in my flower too as it did blossom once I was done drafting this work. )

Picture Credits: Rejaul Karim via https://unsplash.com/photos/ajripAaPzn4

The sky is dark with the sun yet to arrive

And the receptacle sending signals to bloom

Forcing me to get out of hesitancy and to revive

I am trying my best to get out of this doom.

Thinking of not blossoming might sound frivolous

But what’s the point of blooming for a day?

With the rose next to me trying to draw an equivalence

Shaming my beauty that might quickly fade away.

With every rose next to me teasing my hesitancy

And the morning breeze giggling at my state

I lost optimism because of my incompetency

And stood staring at the dawn- just to wait.

“Hey there!” greeted an unknown voice

It was merely some dew over my dear meristem

“Life is small, but we have a lot to rejoice

You cannot enjoy when you think of ones living just to condemn.”

“It isn’t just about those demotivating demons, my dear

But is because of my existence that is very short

This problem may sound insignificant and very queer.”

And asked the dew to dictate an answer for my support.

“Nothing is permanent my friend and we change forms

And wilting is definitely not a problem then

Nature itself is based on the foundation of reforms.”

Spoke my friend stressing that we’re once again reborn .

“I might look like an insignificant water droplet

But was a part of a massive cloud a few moments ago

And before that, was also in an old man’s goblet

I’ve changed a billion avatars till now, you know.”

I never thought a droplet’s words would change me

With the intention for transformation increasing tremendously

What shook me hard was the concept of remerging from the debris

Instigating my petals to rise stupendously.

The initial inertia was excessively strong

But the desire to blossom was equally robust

The petals did move out foreseeing the sun’s gong

Making sure my friend doesn’t lose his trust.

The sun was out, as were the birds

But the giggles of roses now sounding like applauds

And the wind dancing like wild sheep herds

Overlooking my friend’s silence that did speak a thousand words.

Hesitancy is something that hides everyone’s best

And it is an evil concealed in a wrap of immunity

That also attacks our plant like a nasty pest

So, let’s kill this wicked to open the ‘door of opportunity’.



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Kartikeya V

A Computer Science student and a writer who loves Poetry and Anecdotes. We can connect on Twitter- @KartikeyaV5