Photo by Michèle Eckert on Unsplash

Yes!!! It is this word of glory!!!

The power saturated in it has an infinite story!!!

Yes!!! It means to pull out, it means to drag!!!

It is a genuine force!!! To enforce the unleashed facts!!!

Yes!!! Just spell it and feel the charmful delight!!!

Yes!!! It is so powerful to lift up the latch!!!

Once you hear it, it propels a great act!!!

Your tact is aroused at once!!! Mark this great fact!!!

No is not the word you will find good to act…

It is always said by those who never greet the act…

Yes!!! Listen to ‘No’ you should know their facts!!!

Yes!!! Always listen, it is the greatest act!!!

Wisdom lies in those who dare to act…

Neither to a person nor as a man, Listen to your within…

Yes!!! There lies the power…

Be a True Human!!! Then Yes would be an all-rounder!!!

You act, feel the feel; the Yes is now in the fact!!!

The Magic is there, you will truly feel it!!!

Yes, you now read it!!!! Yes is your act!!!

With Yes in fact!!!



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