Not All Failure Is Created Equal. There is no such thing as failure, only evolution.

Not All Failure Is Created Equal

There is no such thing as failure, only evolution.

Failure is a projection, a judgement and an observation turned into a sharp stick we use to inflict personal pain.

Types of Failure, What They Mean

Something didn’t work. At least you tried.

Something didn’t work again. You tried before and didn’t extract the lesson.

Something couldn’t have possibly worked. You didn’t know what you didn’t know or didn’t act upon what you did know.

You didn’t try. You decided to respect your fear and avoided action or decided to not even try.

You take action. It didn’t work. You changed your approach, tried again, and again and again. Ah ha! It finally worked. This is called evolution masked in a label called success.

Anyone can succeed. Just have to be willing to evolve until you get the result.

Whereas, the fear of failure is like a spell that creates clouds of confusion, anxiety and self-judgement.

Evolving yourself and your business is about learning how to move from question marks ?? to exclamation marks!! Or from !! To ??

We move from inspiration and the energy of “I’m going to take over the world!!” to “Why the hell did I start doing this?” This creates an illusion of failure in our minds when we chase these thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Antidote To Fear of Failure

Remembering why you are here and what you are here to do, what you have set as your intent and that you intend to serve. This is the fertile soil of evolution.

Kaizen It

Kaizen is the Japanese word for constant and never ending improvement.

Kaizen is what we need to remember when we are the the dark hallway of fear of failure. The anxiety of not being enough.

I’ve Faced Failure Many Times

Four businesses. One bankruptcy (I learned heaps). Started and closed two businesses. Sold one business to my partner. Published two books with McGraw-Hill Trade. Thought I was closing my last business to retire. I now know I closed my business to rest and heal.

Living in retirement or semi-retirement is like a week full of Saturdays and Sundays.

Now I’m opening another business. Which means opening myself to learning opportunities and evolving. Exciting.

Always important to stay centred, grounded and non-judgemental toward ourselves and others. What is most important, always be observing and seeing things as they are not how we expect them to be.

We don’t see people as they are but through the expectations we have of them. We do the same thing to ourselves when we look at our resukts through the eyes of judgement.

Until we see things as they really are we cannot and will not evolve.


Until we see things as they are we cannot extract the lesson. No lesson, no reason to change, no evolution. No growth.

Refrain from self-judgement, apply the scientific approach. What is happening? What does this mean? What now?

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