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Power DCloud is the world’s first DeInfra, which completely beats the problem of inability to build really decentralized dApps without centralized parts or the necessity to use centralized services

Max Urazaev
Power DCloud
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2 min readAug 30, 2022

Power DCloud features

Power DCloud features

Power DCloud is designed to help building entire web3 world:

  • with ultimate scalability
  • without any centralized parts
  • with highest level of security
  • with stable economics and fixed trx price
  • with fully customized chains (DeFi, DAOs, Games and so on)

To build and to “ground” such infrastructure we need the power of many talented people. Thus to nurture the community of disrupters we distinguish incentive campaigns as one of the most important parts of our go-to-market strategy, and allocate a significant part of project tokens.

Dedicated incentives:

  1. Incentivised Testnet campaign;
  2. Ambassadors program;
  3. Creative incentive campaign;
  4. Grants for partners;
  5. Grants for developers;
  6. Grants for science research;
  7. Grants for non-tech contributors;
  8. Events fund (hackathons and so on).

Token and tokenomics

The Smart Key (SK) Token is the core native gas-like token of Power DCloud. This is utility token, the driving element which is needed to perform network operations:

The tokenomics to be announced soon

Go-to-market strategy

Our go-to-market strategy is focused on the acquisition of web3 projects with a large number of users and transaction rate to maximize the network consumption and, therefore, growth of TVL (total value locked).

The more transactions we have in the network, the more market demand SK token will have. Thus the token market value will organically increase.

The network has instruments for long-term value locking in the nodes and chains NFTs.

Community-driven product

We are focused not on the number of participants, but on the quality, on the desire to create a sophisticated full-fledged web3 world together.

First we plan to launch an incentivised DeInfra Testnet Campaign (we’ll announce it this week) and Ambassador program. Then an incentive campaign starts for creative participants who love and know how to work with different kinds of content — writers, bloggers, designers. In future releases, we’ll reveal the details of each campaign.

To check actual campaigns please check out our Community page.

Our Resources

Website | Documentation | GitHub | Power Hub | Yellow Paper | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn



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Power DCloud

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