KISS me.

Keep it simple stupid. Truer advice has never been uttered to an aspiring entrepreneur.

This doesn’t mean to demean your idea, it means to keep it easy to understand. Not everyone understands the intricacies of the burgeoning space you are entering, nor why your fancy algorithm and UX are going to change the way people interact in that space.

Now that I’ve become an early stage (and I truly mean early) investor, I’m starting to understand the brilliance it takes to share an idea eloquently while still instilling passion.

That I am an entrepreneur and usually the eloquent voice, I hold these young companies to my own standard.

@fredwilson wrote a blog about this recently (here) and it spurned me to do a few things. Start writing again, along with reading news again (I’ve not read ANY news for months now).

My comeback piece is on simplicity. Explain your idea like you are 3 flagons deep at a bar with a friend you know from high school. He isn’t an investor, he isn’t going to create connections, he just is genuinely interested in what you are doing. This philosophy translates further to pitch decks, emails, conversations, etc. Practice the art of effortless eloquence.