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Prefect 2.5 Makes Modular and Serverless Dataflows Easier Than Ever

Prefect 2.5 adds new serverless infrastructure capabilities, batch deletion from the UI, and utilities to orchestrate flow runs from deployments

Prefect as a bot automating serverless infrastructure deployments while still observing what’s happening in the dataflow universe and carefully tracking dependencies, even dependencies between deployments.

Going with the (serverless) flow: Google Cloud Run

Demo of the Google Cloud Run infrastructure block

Serverless on Azure: Azure Container Instances

AWS ECS task customizations

Create flow runs from deployments

Example: data warehouse refresh pipeline coordinate work from different teams and running backfills

Example: ML training job that requires a GPU

Example: trigger a flow run from deployment from a FastAPI app

Example: schedule a one-off run later

Example: running each step of a workflow in a separate container or Kubernetes pod

Batch flow run deletion from the UI

Other bug fixes, enhancements, and documentation additions




New collections

Next steps



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