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Top 10 New Prefect Features of 2022

Python dataflow coordination enhancements you don’t want to miss!

Drop. Source:

10. Log prints 🪵

9. GitHub-based deployments 🫂

github logo
GitHub’s Octocat

8. Result configuration ⬇️

7. Run flows from deployments 🏃

6. CLI to UI login

How would you like to authenticate? [Use arrows to move; enter to select]
> Log in with a web browser
Paste an API key
Opening browser…
Waiting for response…
Authorize this login screen from browser

5. Recipes

six Prefect example recipes from docs screenshot

4. Python deployment definitions 🐍

3. The UI ✨

2. Automations 🤖

  • Cancel a flow run
  • Pause a schedule
  • Pause a work queue
  • And soon — send a notification

1. Integrations 🔀

integrations from the Prefect catalog


  • One click flow retries from the UI
  • Apply and build a deployment in one step
  • Colored log levels
  • The ability to choose your color palette — great for accessibility
  • Dark mode for the docs
  • Many scheduling enhancements



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